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... Just like 35 loads

Price: $12.99
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Item Number: 234567891
Manufacturer: Complement Objet d'interieur
Men and women will find both intriguing and unusual this conceptualized personal lubricant called CumShotLube

Best for all sexually active person browsing pleasant and high quality sexual options. 



 is designed to be complementary to any other personal lubricant available on the market. 

From this 35 loads,  ... use a precious CumShot load amount at the time. 


 is the closest replica to natural semen. When each, light weight drop, gently melts on warmed, excited and sensitive genitals, then between partners, CumShotLube enhances  a natural connection and brings excitement further. 


 takes orgasms to a higher  level.


 allows men or women to free their mind from the health risk barrier. 
Instead of playing with natural semen, Cumshotlube makes them feel safer.



 silky and smooth drops, look and feel so real on everyone's erogenous parts. The ingredients’ combination is just the right amount of different silicones blended to a water base. This mixture provides the color, opacity and texture.   



 does not get sticky. it is guaranteed.



is compatible to all sex toys and to any other available lubricant on the market.  



 is not food but it is non-toxic.


is latex free.


 will not stain fabric.


appealing bottle will release just the right amount every time.
... Just like a natural ejaculation amount.

Among 5 v
arieties of load options, this 35 loads is available in a sealed bottle presented in a resistant squishable, crystal clear (PET certified container) and topped with an anti-leakage lid.

It is now ... time to play! 


...Imagine sex with ....



The ingredients are:  


Water, Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, Cylopenasiloxane, Cyclohexasiloxane, Propylene Glycole, Hydroximethycellulose, Glycerine, Methylparaben.

Thank you for your interest the 





Made in USA



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